Graeme Milicich

Minimal Intervention Dental Education Seminars and CDRoms

Presented by:
Graeme Milicich
Advance Dental Ltd

Minimally invasive dentistry (microdentistry) is "respecting the health, function and aesthetics of oral tissue by preventing disease from occurring or intercepting its progress with minimal tissue loss."
-as defined by World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry

In pursuit of the excellence that I associate with the philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry, I have been presenting internationally since 1998, on the subjects of:

  • biomechanics
  • preventive and minimally invasive philosophies
  • treatment concepts and technology
  • direct restorative techniques
  • the Erbium Chromium YSSG Laser - hard and soft tissue applications
  • Laser Endo
  • CAD CAM dentistry - CADCAM technology, and tooth function biomechanics and how this relates to minimal intervention restorative techniques

In conjunction with these lectures, I have also developed ten educational CD Roms, to assist fellow professionals, their staff, and their patients, to easily understand the various concepts associated with the ever-expanding field of minimally invasive dentistry.

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